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The eternal question of all questions, at least in the male mind. Every man will at least once in his life question the size of his tool and think he is too small in comparison to others. Even tough it is more a question of self esteem than the actual penis size, we’ll cover the basic measurements and studies on the subject and answer that question once and for all.

Flaccid penis size

flaccid penis

Male flaccid penis and a relaxed corpus cavernosum

Measuring a flaccid penis can not be done accurately but general study on the subject has shown that an average male penis is around 8 to 9 cm (aprox 3.5 inches) in length. If you’re anxious to proceed with measuring your flaccid peanis, you should make sure that the room temperature is normal or even warm and you should use a tape measure thats pressed on your tool.

Once again, flaccid measure doesn’t really mean much, considering the soft tissue of the penis is different in all men and there is no exact variation or percentage on how much will penis increase in an erect state.

For real and accurate measure, a penis should be measuread in an erect state. Then you can safely analyse and compare results, and see just where you stand on the charts of genital size of worldwide men. Read on and learn how to properly measure you erect penis.

Erect penis size

Numerous studies and researcheas have come to the conclusion that an average penis size of an adult man is somewhere between 12.8 cm to 14.4 cm at fully erect state (5.0 to 5.8 inches), measured from the pubic bone to the tip of the erect penis. In majority of the researches it is tried to achieve maximum state of arousal before measuring (maximum erection state).

Erect penis girth

The common research and studies claim the average erect penis girth (circumference) would be 10 to 11 cm (3.8 to 4.2 inches), with high variation still possible between those numbers.

How to measure your erect penis size?

erect penis

Erect penis state with corpus cavernosa filled with blood

Bring yourself in a state of full arousal with porn or any other method and have your measuring equipment near by (measuring itself can be a quick turn off so keep it close to make sure you measure at peak erection time). We recommend you use a hard ruler for measuring.

Correct method is to press it hard into the pubic bone due to sometimes human fat can “cover up” a significant portion of the penis shaft. Once that is done, measure all the way to the top of the penis gland.

The most important thing that have to be repeated once again is that the whole point of measuring is to do it in prime time. No soft erection measure or “half-way” erection will give you an exact number. A peak erection should be achieved before measuring or to put it bluntly, you should be as hard as rock in the moment of measurement.

How to measure your erect penis girth?

For accurate girth measurement we recommend usage of a tape measure that can be firmly wrapped around a penis, or a piece of paper that can later be measured by a ruler. If your girth varies a lot dependant on which position you place it on, you’ll need to do three measures (top – middle – bottom girth) and calculate the average circumference.

Important note on penis size

Penis size when flaccid and penis size in a state of erection have more than a million reasons to variate in a very noticable manner. Health, life style, general mood swings and even climate or any other thing can effect your penis and erection quality. As always, our simplest advice is to familiarize yourself with your body functions, your penis and make sure you do everything to keep it in good health and excellent mood. We are here to help you fully achieve that.

A depressed man, rethinking his sex life

Suprisingly, but porn is addictive and as all adictions it carries a negative side to it. Considering you’re reading this, chances are you’re already suffering and having serious doubts about what is causing your misery.

You may even not know you’re having issues or that your life quality has been drasticly reduced by extensive porn usage or you’re even rethinking your whole life and trying find a reason for your depressed state of mind and unability to have real sex with real people. Read the checklist of symptoms below and do a test to find out if porn is the real problem, then follow the guidelines to help yourself and get rid of it once and for all. You should be in control of your body and mind. You’re welcome to thank us when you feel drastic improval of your life and sex life quality.

Read on and find out how to diagnose and treat your porn addiction.

Porn Addiction Symptoms

Biggest problems coming from porn addiction is the pure fact that your brain gets used to that artificial stimulation of your dopamine (happyness hormone) level and it makes you less or completely not sensual to what real life and real people have to offer. Check the list below and do a mental note if you find your own problems on it:

Depression and social anxiety

Sometimes including full blown panic attacks, or to put it in plain words, you have trouble talking and functioning among people or groups of people. Depressed feelings and general low self esteem picture about yourself.

Watching kinky pornography

As months go by you catch yourself watching stuff you would never even think about in normal life or watching pornography that doesn’t match your sexual orientation, as well as noticing you need more and more porn just to have a decent masturbation session.

Full or partial erectile dysfunction with real partners

How often were you unable to get it up with a real date? Everything went smooth, you were both naked, yet nothing, you couldn’t get aroused? Then you’re left alone, put on your new porn dvd and all goes well, you’re hard as a rock and wondering what was the problem before.

Can’t get aroused without fantasy

With a real date standing right in front of you, you find it hard or almost impossible to get aroused without extensive fantasies about porn scenes or such scenarios, or even worse, you can’t get aroused at all without watching porn together with your partner.

Found anything related to you? You can also do a simple test to safely conclude are you suffering from porn addiction or not. All you need to do is try masturbating, without porn, without fantasies, rely solely on the pleasure of feeling and how much joy it brings.

If you can’t get a proper erection or achive a good orgasm that way, congratulations, you are addicted to pornography, but don’t despair, you’re not the only one suffering from it and yes, there is a solution to it.

Porn Addiction Cure

As with all adictions, there is a solution.  For some it comes easier but rest assured, all can be helped, even the most chronic cases of men that spent many long years enjoying all kinds of crazy porn.

First step is to stop watching porn (suprising, ain’t it?)

This part is almost like stopping smoking cigarettes. You’ll fear odd streaks of cravings during late nights or extensive boredoom. Just don’t give in and notice you’re not even aroused, your brain just needs another dopamine dose that porn produces because it received a lot of those during years. In short, do not watch porn or anything related to it, no dating ads, no naked pictures, no videos. You can even go to a full extreme and try avoiding all artificial tv sexyness like music videos and such.

Second step is to stop masturbating all together

Happy man with a good sex life

With no porn, this step shouldn’t even be that hard to accomplish. What you’ll actually be doing is giving your brain a chance to rebuild the normal pleasure receptors and perform without artificial stimulation. This period usually lasts for 2 to 6 weeks before you’ll notice significant improval. To simply put it, you should not force yourself in any way to become aroused, just let it happen naturally, when you see a girl bending over to tie her shoe laces or something similar.

During that long phase of no masturbation, you may feel like you’ve lost all your sex drive and that your penis will never become hard again (usually happens after 15 or so days without masturbation). It is very important to know that phase is completely normal and your sex drive will come back stronger than ever. Just let your body heal the wounds of extensive porn exposure.

Benefits of not watching porn

It may sound impossible to beat porn addiction but trust me, it is as easy as it gets. All you need is a strong mind to don’t give in to urges when feeling wierd or bored. Just think about the positive feelings you’ll have when you put porn addiction as a thing of the past:

Improved self esteem

You’ll enjoy having people around you and social anxiety will become a thing of the past. Just remember or the social gathering you didn’t want to go to or tried to avoid, you’ll thrive and excel on such and even fight to have more of them.

Healthy sex drive

You’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll be horny, but horny in a healthy way. You’ll notice women around you, flirt more and meet more people in general. You’ll finally start noticing the real arousal in social situations and you’ll want to have sex with real people.

Better sex and bigger orgams

Your erections will be harder than ever and the problems with real partners will be a long forgotten history. You’ll forget about old failures and you’ll enjoy real sex more than ever before and you’ll be getting it more than ever.

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